Exeba-COMM 9.0

Exeba-COMM is an amazing, easy to use magnetic stripe encoder
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Exeba COMM magnetic stripe encoder / reader software is a powerful program designed to work with the hardware offered by Escan Technologies and Incode Corp.
Main features:
- Powerful Database
- Duplicating magnetic stripes
- Multiple card data capture
- Secure-erase of magnetic stripe data
- Search by First/Last/Name, Account # or Swipe search
- Has a built-in text editor
- Polls data in both batch and on-line modes
- Saves data in a database or in a text file
- Gives the user the flexibility to create multiple databases
- Wipe Card function can be used to quickly erase magnetic stripe card data
- Provides database security: setup a new password or change an existing one
- Import / export data to or from a text file
- Data reports are accessible by date range
- Select different communication ports and port settings, adjust delays and time-out according to your hardware requirements
- Encrypted system files prevent unauthorized viewing or tampering of program configuration
- Send different serial commands to the hardware
- ANSI / ISO card types and formats supported by default
- Built-in support for portable hardware password protection
- Compatible with multiple hardware types
- Directly communicate with any USB / RS-232 (serial) connected device

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